Inspire Us

Hello. We’re Mexx. We love real life. 

Real life in all its rich variety, depth and colour. Lives made up of moments and experiences that come alive when shared. It's because of this that we love to collaborate and build. To keep inspiring and keep being inspired.

And that’s what’s great about the world today – we’re all more social than ever and we want everything you see in store, online, socially – infact everywhere – from Mexx to celebrate this.

That’s why, for SS14 we’re telling our stories and share our thoughts in collages. We’re mixing our photography with photography from social media platforms and co-creating with talented, interesting people from all walks of life.

We figure that if we put our great stuff out there then add the twist from others, we will keep creating together. You know what? We can’t wait to see what this great evolving mix of us and you will become.

This SS14, Inspire Us.


The SS14 Collages are Inspired By:

  • Craig Cloutier
  • Basheer Tome
  • Florin Gorgan
  • Sam Collins
  • Claire_g
  • Pavel Ahmed
  • David Gunter
  • Pier-Luc Bergeron
  • Ed Schipul
  • Renzo Borgatti
  • Duncan Harris
  • In Transition
  • Chelsea Marie Hicks
  • Sung Soo Lee
  • Andreas Wieser
  • Cécile Geng
  • Axis Anima
  • Angelo Juan Ramos
  • Luca Sartoni
  • AnnieAnniePancake
  • Clemson
  • Evan Bench
  • Tabitha Jayne
  • Fabio Venni
  • Sophie & Cie
  • Sean McGrath
  • Linder6580
  • Catriona Savage
  • Phil Hearing
  • *Sax
  • Jens Karlsson
  • Rupert Ganzer
  • In Transition
  • Eric May
  • Franco
  • Delon Newman
  • Stixandjones
  • Halfrain
  • Josh Antonio
  • TavoA
  • See Ming Lee
  • Jennifer Donley
  • Kevin Dooley
  • Terence S. Jones
  • Tom Lam Hoang
  • Sarah Reid
  • Missy S
  • David Sim
  • Jeffery
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