Customer service

Customer service



What’s a Pop-up?


Exclusive online pop-up shop

A pop-up shop is a temporary retail experience that literally ‘pops up’ to offer short-term shopping solutions.
As with all pop-ups, our online doors will only be open for a limited time, so don’t miss out.

Netherlands and Belgium:

What’s available?

For a limited-time only the online pop-up shop will offer an exclusive selection of the must-have items from the Mexx Men’s, Women’s, Youth and Accessories Winter 2014 collections. We will continue to update our selection, so be sure to look out for new additions.

Netherlands and Belgium:

Contacting Customer Service

If you’ve got a question or problem with your order then don’t be afraid to contact us.

Our office hours are 09.00 – 17.00 Monday to Friday and you can reach us by phone or email.

Netherlands: +3171-7106274

Belgium: +(32) (0)78 150506

Payment Methods

It’s a bit tricky for us to accept cash, but you can pay by Credit Card or by iDeal (in the Netherlands).


Delivery only available to addresses in Netherlands and mainland Belgium.

Free Delivery for all orders over €50.
€4.95 for orders under €50.
3-5 working days to deliver.
We'll send you an email with tracking number when shipped

Returns Policy

Unworn items can be returned up to 14 days after receipt date.
Return shipping is free of charge.
Return using the label provided with your order.

How to return

With your order you will receive a return label and a return form.
Fill out form ensuring your order number, name and items being returned are clear.
Use the label to send to:

MEXX E-shop
Industrieweg 15
2254 AE Voorschoten
The Netherlands

Drop off at your nearest UPS pick up location.

Return a shipment from Holland.

Return shipment using a UPS access point (Formerly known as Kiala point).
To find a UPS access point in your area you can visit
Select ‘Locaties’.
Complete your address in the left-hand form and search for the closest located access point.
Click on your chosen access point for information, including address and opening hours.

Return shipments from Belgium.
Return shipment using a Kiala poin.t
To find a Kiala point in your area you can visit
Select ‘Zoek een Kiala punt’.
Complete your address and search for the closest located access point.
Click on your chosen access point for information, including address and opening hours.
* Starting January 2015 these will be called UPS access points and can be accessed on under ‘Locaties’


Once received and inspected we will issue a refund via your original payment method.
Refund will be processed within 7 days of receipt at our Returns Centre.


Mexx Europe B.V.
Johan Huizingalaan 400
1066 JS Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam 28054067

Contact Online Shop
Please visit the homepage of the Mexx Group at:
Netherlands: +3171-7106274
Belgium: +(32) (0)78 150506

Where can I buy Mexx in store?

To find a Mexx Store near you please go to our online store finder.

Will I still receive the Mexx newsletter?

Yes we want to keep in touch with you! We will carry on providing you with engaging and relevant brand content. If you have not yet subscribed, we hope that you join the Mexx community here.

Brand and Product

How can I find out more about Mexx?

Please visit “We’re Mexx” at

Where can I buy Mexx products?

All locations where Mexx products can be bought online and in Europe, can be found by using our store finder.

How do I know which size to purchase?

Check your size in our size charts for Men, Women, Kids, Babies and Mini.

I want to sell Mexx products, how do I go about this?

Mexx reviews new account requests primarily on the basis of store location, appearance, product presentation and merchandising mix. If you are interested in becoming an authorised retailer of Mexx products, please email for further information on the application process or contact the Mexx sales office in your country directly.

Does Mexx have a catalogue/brochure?

You can find our seasonal collections on this site and catalogues in our stores. We do not send out catalogues by mail.

How do I care for my garment?

Garment washing and care instruction are listed in each garment.

Do I need to wash my Mexx garment before wearing it?

All Mexx garments are ready to wear, unless specially specified.

How do I wash knitted wool garments?

Please follow the washing instructions inside the wool garment. Some wool garments may need to be dry cleaned.

Do Mexx sunglasses come with UV protection?

Yes, all Mexx sunglasses come with UV protection, unless specified differently.

Loyalty & Connect

Why is the Connect program changing?

Mexx Connect is being restructured to a program that will earn loyal consumers benefits and specialized perks for members and provide consumers a great experience that is unique, like us.

What is happening to the Connect program?

The Connect program is being revitalized to become a true loyalty program that gives the intangible (something that does not have a price tag) to surprise and delight you. It will also serve as a means to better communicate personalised offers to you.

Why are you changing the program?

We are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience and the time has come to re-energize the Connect program.

Will I still continue to remain a Connect member?

Yes, the program continues, and you will notice some exciting changes soon. We will reach out through email and keep you up to date on all activities around our collections, rewards, and insider information.

What is the new Connect program going to look like?

The program will continue to stay free of charge; however, it will cease to be a points based program and you will no longer receive Cheques in the post. We will deliver a new customer experience with perks and surprises just like a loyal friend who truly knows you.

Can I continue to collect points?

No, this has not been possible as of February 28, 2014.

I have been a Connect member for a long time. What happens to my points?

The points you had accrued through February 28, 2014, were sent out in Connect Cheques by March 31, 2014, and can be used in any of our retail stores or participating franchise stores. If your points balance was 5 euros or more, the amount of points was sent to your home address in form of a Connect Cheque.

Until when can I redeem my last Connect Cheque?

Your last Connect Cheque can be redeemed in any Mexx retail store or participating franchise store until June 30th, 2014, providing that the redemption date is still valid.

What if I don’t have any participating store nearby and I can’t use my Connect Cheque anywhere before it expires?

All Connect Cheques must be redeemed within a participating store.

Do I have to carry my Connect membership card with me in the future?

Yes, to be included in the offers, privileges, and surprise perks, we need you to identify yourself when you purchase any Mexx products.

Want to do Business?

How do I sell Mexx products?

Mexx reviews new account requests primarily on the basis of store location, appearance, product presentation and merchandising mix. If you are interested in becoming an authorised retailer of Mexx products, please email or contact the Mexx sales office in your country for further information.

What are the benefits of doing business with us?

Ever since 1986, Mexx has been setting fashion trends and continues to do so these days with even more passion. Your success is our priority. Mexx supports you from the moment you decide to do business with us. From helping you to choose the location to acquiring resources and running the business successfully, we will do everything in our power in order to make your Mexx story a success story.

You benefit from over 25 years of experience across different channels and 3 continents. Use our knowledge to your advantage! You want to pursue this conversation, please email

How can I find out about employment opportunities at Mexx?

Visit our careers page.

How do I find out about modeling opportunities?

We currently book all of our models through modeling agencies. If your modeling agency is interested in working with Mexx, please contact

Does Mexx have a press kit or an information pack?

We sure do! Please contact us via

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