Suit up your outfit with our Mexx blazers

Our most popular Mexx blazers

  1. Blazer Samuel Navy
    Blazer Samuel Navy
    €149.99 €119.99
  2. Blazer Ellen Navy
    Blazer Ellen Navy
  3. Blazer Samuel Navy
    Blazer Samuel Navy
    €149.99 €75.00
  4. Mexx Blazer light grey
    Blazer light grey
    €149.99 €119.99

Our new Mexx blazers

An item with which you can make a statement is a blazer. In the Mexx collection you will find various blazers for men and women. There is a suitable blazer for every occasion in our new Mexx collection!

Our styling tips:


  • • Wear a blazer with jeans from our denim collection for a sporty look
  • • Looking for a corporate look? Then combine the blazer with matching pants.
  • • Wear your favorite white sneakers with a suit! This way you give your outfit a trendy, sporty twist!
  • • Combine your blazer with one of our statement T-shirts!