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  1. Mexx
    Sneaker Hoppa white/pink
  2. Mexx girls sneaker Hoppa black/pink
    Sneaker Hoppa black/pink
  3. Mexx girls Sneaker Ginia black/gold
    Sneaker Ginia black/gold
  4. Mexx Girls Sneaker Eflin Black/Gold
    Sneaker Eflin Black/Gold
  5. Mexx girls Sneaker Hiske Black/Gold
    Sneaker Hiske Black/Gold
  6. Sneaker Hiske beige/pink
    Sneaker Hiske beige/pink
  7. Mexx Sandal Granny Multi
    Sandal Granny Multi
    €49.95 €34.97
  8. Kids Sneaker Eflin Beige/Pink
    Kids Sneaker Eflin Beige/Pink
    €69.95 €41.97
  9. Sandal Gup White/Gold
    Sandal Gup White/Gold
    €69.95 €48.97
  10. Sandal Elliot Old Pink
    Sandal Elliot Old Pink
    €69.95 €48.97
  11. Sandal Edin White/Gold
    Sandal Edin White/Gold
    €69.95 €48.97
  12. Mexx Sandal Giany Dark Brown
    Sandal Giany Dark Brown
    €39.95 €27.97
  13. Sandal Glad Silver
    Sandal Glad Silver
    €69.95 €48.97
  14. Sandal Elliot White/Gold
    Sandal Elliot White/Gold
    €59.95 €41.97
  15. Mexx Sandal Glad Old Pink
    Sandal Glad Old Pink
    €69.95 €48.97
  16. Sneaker Froukje Black/Cognac
    Sneaker Froukje Black/Cognac
    €69.95 €34.98
  17. Sneaker Fien Black
    Sneaker Fien Black
    €69.95 €34.98
  18. Sneaker Emmet White
    Sneaker Emmet White
    €79.95 €55.97
  19. Sandal Edin Gold
    Sandal Edin Gold
    €69.95 €48.97
  20. Sandal Edin Pink
    Sandal Edin Pink
    €59.95 €29.98
  21. Sandal Gup Silver
    Sandal Gup Silver
    €59.95 €41.97
  22. Sneaker Geena Beige/Gold
    Sneaker Geena Beige/Gold
    €69.95 €48.97

22 Items

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Mexx shoes for girls

In addition to beautiful clothes, the right shoe for your mini-me is an essential part of the outfit. And let's have the perfect shoes for your daughter at Mexx. For example, in the Autumn Winter collection 2021 there is a choice of different types of shoes for different weather conditions. Are you going for a basic black sneaker or a biker boot or ankle boot? Whatever your choice, there is something for everyone in the collection. Discover the entire collection of girls' shoes online.

Shop the Mexx collection of shoes for girls online

You can order the Mexx shoe collection for girls easily and safely online at the official online shop. You can have your package sent to your address or to a DHL service point. For further questions or advice you can always contact our customer service.