Complaints and warranty

I recently ordered items that are showing defects. Where can I report this? 

Do you have a complaint about a defect article of Mexx? Please contact our customer service department via Send pictures of the complaint and your webshop order number and we will review your complaint properly. 

What is covered in the warranty term?

A warranty period of 6 months applies to all articles from the Mexx collection.

The guarantee is only valid within the guarantee period and if there is a valid complaint. The following cases are not a valid complaint and are therefore not covered by the warranty:

- Normal signs of wear on soles, heels and clothing;

- Bare noses on shoes due to external wear and/or not maintaining the item;

- Normal wear/damage to the heel;

- Broken zippers and laces due to normal wear or misuse;

- Pilling of clothing or shoes;

- Defects caused by improper or intensive use;

- Staining and discoloration of shoes and clothing;

- Wear and tear caused by excessive perspiration;

- Negligent maintenance / improper use;

- Defects caused by external influences, such as friction, chemicals or sharp objects;

- Intentional or negligent damage. Such as bump, fall and / or water damage;

- Defects of water and wind tightness of footwear or clothing, unless otherwise stated in the product description in our webshop;

- Damage by not adhering to the washing instructions;

- Fitting complaints and/or physical discomforts such as blisters, bruising or sweating.


The warranty period starts on the date of purchase.


Have you purchased something at a point of sale other than our webshop? Then the warranty also applies to the point of sale in question. We therefore advise you to contact the store of purchase.