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  1. Shirt Dark Green
    Shirt Dark Green
  2. Shirt Blouse Light Grey
    Blouse Light Grey
    €59.99 €47.99
  3. Mexx Shirt Matthew Navy
    Shirt Matthew Navy
  4. Mexx Light Blue Blouse
    Light Blue Blouse
    €69.99 €62.99
  5. Mexx Navy Shirt
    Navy Blouse
    €69.99 €62.99
  6. Mexx White Blouse
    White Blouse
    €69.99 €55.99
  7. Blouse Adam Light Blue
    Blouse Adam Light Blue
    €59.99 €53.99
  8. Mexx Blouse Adam White
    Blouse Adam White
    €59.99 €53.99
  9. Mexx Shirt Adam Black
    Shirt Adam Black
    €59.99 €53.99

9 Items

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Set Descending Direction

Mexx blouses for men

A piece of clothing that gives you a neat appearance and that gives your outfit a chic upgrade? That's a blouse! In our new Mexx collection we have various shirts for different weather types, such as a blouse with a short sleeve, but also with a long sleeve. In addition, the collection includes a cool dark green blouse, a white blouse, but also a light grey and a navy version of this blouse. In the new collection there is a suitable shirt for every occasion.

Shop your blouses online

You can easily shop the blouses online in our official webshop. Have your order sent to your address free of charge with an order above €50,-. For questions about our Mexx men blouses, you can always contact our customer service.