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  1. Polo Pique Dark Green
    Polo Tyler dark green
  2. Polo dark green
    Polo dark green
  3. Pique-polo-with-print-dark-green
    Pique polo with print dark green
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    Striped polo dark green

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Mexx polos for men

An item with an iconic collar that fits wonderfully and also gives your outfit a chic and dressy look? That's a polo. In the Mexx collection you will find all kinds of polos, such as a polo in white, yellow, light green or a jacquard polo. But have you already seen the polo with a tropical print? This is really a must have for this season. Slightly cooler weather? Then wear a nice sweater from Mexx over the polo.

Shop Mexx polos online

Order your polo quickly and easily online. Shipping is free for orders over € 50. The polo’s are provided with a size chart. If you still have questions about the size or fit, you can always contact our customer service.