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  1. Chino Pants Navy
    Chino Pants Navy
    €79.99 €55.99
  2. Mexx Men Pantalon Navy
    Pantalon Navy
    €69.99 €62.99
  3. Mexx Jogging Pants Off white
    Jogging Pants Off white
    €54.99 €38.49
  4. Mexx ADAM Jeans Dark Used
    ADAM Jeans Dark Used
    €89.99 €71.99
  5. Jeans logan dark used
    Jeans logan dark used
  6. Mexx STEVE Denim Jeans Blue Rinsed
    Steve Denim Jeans Blue Rinsed
  7. Mexx Jeans Logan vintage used
    Jeans Logan vintage used
  8. STEVE Denim Jeans Dark Used
    Jeans Steve dark used
  9. STEVE Denim Jeans Medium Used
    Jeans Steve medium used
  10. Knit Shorts Navy
    Shorts Navy
    €39.99 €27.99
  11. Chino Pants Dark Blue
    Chino Pants Dark Blue
    €79.99 €55.99
  12. Pants Navy
    Pants Navy
    €79.99 €40.00
  13. Navy Sweatpants
    Navy Sweatpants
    €59.99 €35.99

13 Items

per page
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Mexx trousers and shorts for men

On a day with warm temperatures, you prefer to wear chill and airy shorts or shorts. But on a day when it is cooler, your choice will be pants with long legs. In the Mexx collection you will find different types of shorts and pants for men. Are you looking for a pair of Chino shorts or for trousers? Or are you going for striking shorts with a tropical print? In this collection you will find the right pants for every weather type!

Shop your trousers or shorts online

You can easily shop the summery shorts of trousers online in our official webshop. Have your order sent to your address free of charge with an order above € 50. For questions about our pants and shorts or other questions, you can always contact our customer service.