Lace-up shoes

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  1. Sneaker Hoffman all black
    Sneaker Hoffman all black
  2. Ankle Boot Halko Black
    Ankle Boot Halko Black
  3. Mexx Ankle boot Headley black
    Ankle boot Headley black
  4. Mexx Harjan lace-up shoe black suede for men
    Lace-up shoe Harian black
  5. Mexx  dark brown lace-up shoe for men suede with croco printed back
    Lace-up shoe Harvey brown
  6. Mexx black lace-up shoe for men croco printed back
    Lace-up shoe Harvey black
  7. Mexx grey lace-up boot for men suede
    Ankle Boot Hiroshi Grey
  8. Mexx lace-up boot brown for men
    Lace-up shoe Hiroshi brown
  9. Sneaker Fox Navy
    Sneaker Fox Navy
    €99.95 €49.98
  10. Lace-up shoe Fitzgerald Black
    Lace-up shoe Fitzgerald Black
    €119.95 €59.98

10 Items

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Mexx lace-up shoes for men

Lace-up shoes are the perfect shoes for every man and every occasion. Are you looking for a pair of neat lace-up shoes or a slightly sportier model? Take a look at the men's collection of lace-up shoes from Mexx. In the lace-up shoe collection from Mexx you will find different models in different colors. Colors such as black, brown and blue are easy to combine with all your outfits. In addition, you can also choose from different soles, such as white soles or soles with a profile that gives you a lot of grip. Wear the lace-up shoes with neat trousers for a chic look. Do you prefer casual? Then combine the lace-up shoes with a cool pair of jeans with a neat blouse for a nonchalant look! One thing is certain; with these lace-up shoes you are guaranteed to hit the road in style.

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