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  1. Mexx pink knitted sweater
    Pullover Pink
  2. Mexx Women Lurex no closure cardigan Brown
    Lurex cardigan Brown
  3. Bodyfit pullover Old Pink
    Bodyfit pullover Old Pink
  4. Sneaker Djana darkbrown
    Sneaker Djana dark brown
  5. Mexx brick brown blazer for women
    Blazer Brown
  6. Straight Jersey Pantalon Brown
    Straight Jersey Pantalon Brown
  7. Pullover Argan Oil
    Pullover Argan Oil
  8. Jacket Puffer Argan Oil
    Jacket Puffer Argan Oil
  9. Booties Biddy chestnut
    Booties Biddy chestnut
  10. Mexx Boot Hanaya brown
    Boot Hanaya brown
  11. Mexx dress printed
    Dress Printed
  12. Mexx striped turtleneck sweater brown and black for women
    Turtleneck Long Sleeve Argan Oil
  13. Mexx T-shirt V-neck Mid Pink
    T-shirt V-neck Mid Pink
  14. Belt Brown Leather
    Belt Brown Leather
  15. Mexx small belt gold
    Leather metallic belt Gold
  16. Mexx Top Longsleeve Pink
    Top Longsleeve Pink
  17. Mexx Puffer Jacket Argan Oil
    Puffer Jacket Argan Oil
  18. Mexx cato gold mesh
    Sneaker Cato Gold
  19. Turtleneck Poofysleeves Dark Pink
    Turtleneck Poofysleeves Dark Pink
  20. Round neck pullover Pink
    Round neck pullover Pink
  21. Mexx Slipper Blixa chestnut
    Slipper Blixa chestnut
  22. Mexx brown tanktop for women
    Chantal Singlet Brown
  23. Turtleneck Pullover Pink
    Turtleneck Pullover Pink
  24. Mexx pink sweater with puffed shoulders for women
    Sweater Pink
  25. Mexx Women Pullover Lurex V-Neck Brown
    Pullover Lurex V-Neck Brown
  26. Basic sweater Dark Pink
    Basic sweater Dark Pink

Items 1-26 of 40

per page
Set Descending Direction

The new autumn and winter collection for women from Mexx

The new autumn and winter women's collection from Mexx has arrived! This season we have plenty of choice in all kinds of styles and types of shoes and clothing. Also a loungewear and a sportswear collection. The Mexx clothing collection consists of basic items such as beautiful jeans, dresses, sweaters, comfortable t-shirts and the most beautiful blazers. Are you going for a dress in a warm winter print? Even then you will succeed at Mexx.com.

Do you want to complete your outfit with comfortable shoes? Then take a look at our sneakers, boots and ankle boots for women. Don't forget the slippers! Combinations of different materials and colors are common this season.

Shop the new collection online

With orders from €50,- you benefit from free shipping. Do you have questions about the collection? Please contact our customer service.