Promotional conditions - Kiss & Ride

What could be more fun and typically Dutch (the origin of Mexx) than cycling with your loved ones? To support the Spring Summer 2021 campaign, Mexx Industries B.V., located at James Wattlaan 7 in Drunen, the Netherlands, is launching a brand activation “Kiss & Ride”. Every month four (!) Mexx customers have a chance to win a Mexx bicycle package: the Mexx x Popal e-bike together with a total Mexx outfit of your choice, worth a maximum of 250 euros!

The action

With every purchase via or in one of the participating stores, you will receive a flyer with a QR code on it. Via this QR code you can enter your details via the Mexx promotion page and register yourself for the Mexx newsletter. 4 winners will be drawn randomly and impartially each month.

The promotional period

The promotion runs from March 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021.

Content of the promotion

After purchasing a Mexx item, enter your details via the Mexx promotion page and have a chance to win a Mexx e-bike, worth € 1499, together with a Mexx clothing package of your choice worth a maximum of € 250. Hereby you automatically register for the Mexx newsletter and you will be informed once a week about new collections, offers and / or events.


  1. You have purchased a Mexx item at or at one of the participating stores.
  2. You have scanned the QR code, entered your details on the Mexx promotion page and subscribed to the Mexx newsletter. You are responsible for the correct information.
  3. Mexx selects 4 winners from all participants every month in a random and impartial manner. The draws will take place on April 2, 2021, May 7, 2021, June 4, 2021 and July 2, 2021.
  4. Mexx will contact the winner within 14 days of the draw by email. The winner will also be announced with initial and surname on our terms and conditions page, whereby the winner therefore gives permission for the aforementioned announcement. To be on the safe, also keep an eye on your spam mailbox and / or this conditions page so that you are sure that you do not miss the prize. No correspondence can be entered about the result of the promotion.
  5. The winner must contact Mexx Customer Service (using the contact details below) within 2 weeks of the date of the announcement to claim the prize. If the winner has not contacted Mexx within that period, the winner's right to the prize will lapse. Mexx reserves the right to organize a new draw and draw a new winner.
  6. The winner wins a Mexx x Popal e-bike with a value of 1499 euros and a Mexx outfit of your choice with a value of no more than 250 euros. The prize will be awarded at the store of purchase, if possible, with at least the Mexx x Popal e-bike ultimately shipped to the winner.
  7. A separate delivery appointment will be made for the delivery of the bicycle. Mexx takes care of the shipping costs.
  8. The winner accepts the bike as issued. The bike you have won is not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or vouchers.
  9. The shop credit worth up to 250 euros can be redeemed in one order. The remaining amount will be canceled. Shop credit is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or vouchers. In the unfortunate event that the selected items do not fit, you will have a one-time opportunity to return the items for other items. Any return costs will be on account of the winner/winner.
  10. Participants who are not among the winners will not receive a separate notification about this.

The price

The winners will win a Mexx x Popal e-bike. Below you will find the specifications of this electric bicycle.

Brand              Popal

Daily               Dutch collection

SKU                 E283010

Wheel size     28 inches

Color               Matt Black

Light (rear)      Integrated in battery

Brake (front)   Roller brake Shimano C6000

Brake (rear)    Roller brake Shimano C6000

Gear type       Shimano Nexus 7

Battery            36V 13Ah / 470Wh

In addition to the e-bike, the winner also receives a voucher for a Mexx clothing package worth a maximum of 250 euros. This can be exchanged via the customer support of Mexx. Customer support will contact the winners about their price.


By participating in the promotion you accept the applicability of the promotion terms and conditions and you agree with the content thereof. Mexx will only use the information you provide for the purposes for which the information was provided. You also give Mexx permission to process the personal data you provide.


Despite the utmost care taken by Mexx in organizing the promotion, it is possible that the information provided is incomplete or incorrect. Printing or spelling errors or other comparable errors in material made public by Mexx, of whatever nature, cannot be invoked against Mexx and cannot in any way create an obligation for Mexx. Mexx is not liable for any damage, of whatever nature, arising from or in connection with (participation in) the promotion. Mexx is not responsible or liable for any additional expenses and / or travel expenses that the winner may incur in order to receive his / her prize.

This promotion is exclusively governed by the Dutch law. Any disputes regarding the promotion will be settled by the competent court in the Netherlands.

Mexx acts in accordance with the Games of Chance Act and the Code of Conduct for Promotional Games of Chance.

The promotional terms and conditions are available at

 Customer service

In case you have a comment, question or complaint about this promotion, we ask you to contact our customer support. Our customer support can be reached via telephone number: +31 (0) 416 672 797 and by mail: