If you are not happy with your purchase you can return your order within 14 days of the delivery date. It is possible to return your order via DHL.

Returning your order or part of an order via DHL.

You can return your order easily. The return costs are 4.95 euros and will be deducted from your return payment. In the parcel you will find a return form that gives you the precise instructions for returning the product. Did you not receive a return form? Click here to open the return form, click the rigth mouse button to save and print the form.

You can return your order in six convenient steps:

1. If you decide to return the order, please return the product(s) unworn and in their original package. Obviously, you try out the products for size.
2. Circle the reason for returning the order on the order form.
3. Make sure the parcel is properly sealed and use the DHL return label which is added in the box. Please contact our customer support department when you did not receive a return label.

4. The parcel must be returned 14 days after delivery.
5. You will receive proof of return from DHL either at the servicepoint or via the email. Hold on to this until the return order has been completed. When you return the order in a store you will also receive proof of return.
6. You will receive the amount paid in your bank account within 14 days after your return, provided that we received the return. 

Do you have a question about your return that has not been answered here? Feel free to contact our customer service. Please add your order number / invoice and the tracking number of your return as a note in the e-mail.