The perfect Mexx sneakers

Our most popular Mexx sneakers:

  1. Mexx Sneaker Elian Black
    Sneaker Elian Black
  2. Mexx Sneaker Elian White
    Sneaker Elian White
  3. Mexx Sneaker Crista White
    Sneaker Crista White
  4. Mexx Sneaker Eke Black
    Sneaker Eke Black
  5. Kids Sneaker Eflin Beige/Pink
    Kids Sneaker Eflin Beige/Pink
  6. Mexx Sneaker Djana White/Gold
    Sneaker Djana White/Gold
  7. Mexx Sneaker Djana Beige/gold
    Sneaker Djana Beige/gold
  8. Mexx Sneaker Gitte Sand
    Sneaker Gitte Sand
  9. Mexx Sneaker Fleur Beige/gold
    Sneaker Fleur Beige/Gold
  10. Sneakers-Fieke-White
    Sneakers Fieke White
    €79.95 €63.96
  11. Sneakers-Fieke-Black
    Sneakers Fieke Black
    €79.95 €55.97
  12. Sneakers-Eefje-Navy
    Sneakers Eefje Navy
    €89.95 €71.96

Mexx sneakers

We know the sneaker as sports shoe that has been integrated into fashion over time. It used to be a necessary item for the sport but sneakers are now an indispensable part of your wardrobe. Because the sneakers are available in various shapes and colors, they can be combined with any outfit. We see this a lot in the streets. White sneakers are worn by men under jeans and trousers, the white women's sneakers are next to jeans also worn under colorful skirts or black dresses. In addition to this classic type of sneaker, we see many more different styles. Just like in the Mexx sneaker collection.


Chunky sneaker trend 

The sneakers with a chunky sole or also called a bulky sole can be found in the women's sneakers collection this season. This shoe with a remarkably large sole gives you just a few extra centimeters of length while it also runs super comfortable. The following rule applies to the chunky sneaker: the more striking, the better! Our Mexx chunky sneakers come in striking color combinations, animal prints and neon details.

Style your sneakers

Sneakers can be endlessly combined and therefore real must-haves in your wardrobe. Combine your women's sneakers with a jeans, dress or midi skirt. Men match the sneakers with a chino, dark jeans or casual with a jacket.

Mexx Sneakers WomenMexx Sneakers Women