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  1. Blazer Off White
    Blazer Off White
    €159.99 €111.99
  2. Trenchcoat Navy
    Trenchcoat Navy
    €99.99 €69.99
  3. Cardigan Navy
    Cardigan Navy
    €79.99 €71.99
  4. Jacket Silver
    Jacket Silver
    €89.99 €71.99
  5. Blazer Navy
    Blazer Navy
    €169.99 €118.99
  6. Blazer Grey
    Blazer Grey
    €169.99 €118.99
  7. Leather Jacket Black
    Leather Jacket Milou Black
    €279.99 €195.99
  8. Blazer Ellen Navy
    Blazer Ellen Navy
    €69.99 €48.99
  9. Jacket Nathalie vintage blue
    Jacket Nathalie vintage blue
    €99.99 €69.99

9 Items

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Set Descending Direction

Mexx blazers for women
An item with which you can make a statement is a blazer. In the Mexx collection you will find various blazers such as a classic grey blazer, a jacket with a subtle pinstripe, a wonderful navy blazer and last but not least an off-white one. For every occasion there is a suitable blazer to wear over your outfit. The fit of every blazer can differ. You can find all the product information with every product.

Shop Mexx women blazers online
You can order the Mexx blazers easily and safely online at the official online shop. You can have your package sent to your address or to a DHL service point. For further questions or advice you can always contact our customer support.