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  1. Mexx Womans Sandal
    Sandal Gracelyn White
    €49.95 €39.96
  2. Mexx Sandal Gedansk White
    Sandal Gedansk White
  3. Sandal Gabiano Off white/Black
    Sandal Gabiano Off white/Black
    €49.95 €44.96
  4. Mexx Sandal Gais White
    Sandal Gais White
    €49.95 €34.97
  5. Mexx Sandal Early White
    Sandal Early White
    €49.95 €24.98
  6. Mexx Sandal Gugan Off White
    Sandal Gugan Off White
    €59.95 €47.96
  7. Sandal Gamy Off White
    Sandal Gamy Off White
    €49.95 €44.96
  8. Mexx Slipper Gander White
    Slipper Gander White
    €49.95 €39.96
  9. Mexx Sandal Galena White
    Sandal Galena White/Black
    €49.95 €39.96
  10. Mexx Sandal Galena White
    Sandal Galena White
    €49.95 €39.96

10 Items

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Mexx sandals for women

Introducing the Mexx sandals of the 2021 spring/summer collection. A sandal is a real summer wardrobe essential. The collection offers a range of sandals with playful straps in various combinations of colours, prints and materials. Wear a sandal with snake print and braided straps with a breezy pair of summer trousers or a maxi dress. Make your summer outfit more casual with a comfortable sandal on a striking, chunky sneaker sole, with your jeans. The all-time-favourite leather look sandal is a spring essential, of course. Go for the slightly edgier variant with cool studs. Are you looking for an even more elegant summer shoe? Then also check out our high heel sandals.


Shop Mexx women’s sandals online

Order your sandals of Mexx quickly and easily online. Shipping is free for orders over € 75. The polo’s are provided with a size chart. If you still have questions about the size or fit, you can always contact our customer service.