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  1. Mexx Sneaker Gemma Beige/Pink
    Sneaker Gemma Beige/Pink
    €79.95 €63.96
  2. Mexx Sneaker Djaimy Sand
    Sneaker Djaimy Sand
    €69.95 €55.96
  3. Mexx Sneaker Elke Lilac
    Sneaker Elke Lilac
    €59.95 €41.97
  4. Mexx Womens Sneakers
    Sneaker Elisa Light Blue
    €99.95 €79.96
  5. Sneaker Gena White/Taupe
    Sneaker Gena White/Taupe
  6. Mexx sneaker women
    Sneaker Ginny White/Gold
    €89.95 €53.97
  7. Mexx Womens Sneakers
    Sneaker Goa White/Light Grey
    €79.95 €55.97
  8. Mexx Sneaker Goa Beige/Pink
    Sneaker Goa Beige/Pink
    €79.95 €55.97
  9. Sneaker Gena White/Neon Yellow
    Sneaker Gena White/Neon Yellow
  10. Sneaker Geraldine Beige/White
    Sneaker Geraldine Beige/White
    €79.95 €39.98
  11. Sneaker Gabriella White
    Sneaker Gabriella White
  12. Sneaker Gena Black/Beige
    Sneaker Gena Black/Beige
    €89.95 €71.96
  13. Mexx Sneaker Djaimy Light Grey
    Sneaker Djaimy Light Grey
    €69.95 €55.96
  14. Mexx Sneaker Cato Black
    Sneaker Cato Black
  15. Mexx Sneaker Cato Red
    Sneaker Cato Red
    €69.95 €55.96
  16. Mexx Sneaker Glib White/Gold
    Sneaker Glib White/Gold
    €69.95 €62.96
  17. Mexx Sneaker Cato Sand
    Sneaker Cato Sand
    €69.95 €55.96
  18. Mexx Sneaker Eila Light Grey
    Sneaker Eila Light Grey
    €89.95 €62.97
  19. Mexx Sneaker Cato Pink
    Sneaker Cato Pink
    €69.95 €55.96
  20. Mexx Sneaker Elke Light green
    Sneaker Elke Light Green
    €59.95 €41.97
  21. Sneaker Grace Lilac
    Sneaker Grace Lilac
    €59.95 €41.97
  22. Sneaker Djana Sand
    Sneaker Djana Sand
  23. Sneaker Elke White
    Sneaker Elke White
    €59.95 €47.96
  24. Mexx Sneaker Eila White
    Sneaker Eila White
    €89.95 €62.97

Items 25-48 of 89

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Women’s sneakers by Mexx

The Mexx ladies sneaker spring summer 2021 collection consists of many different styles and models. For example, opt for a sporty look and go for sneakers with a white sole, high sneakers, the trendy chunky sneaker or a casual sneaker in a timeless model. This spring we combine many different colors and materials on the shoes such as animal printed details and neon colors. In addition, metallic elements such as gold and silver are completely trendy. Match your striking sneakers with long pants or under a midi skirt. Buy a pair of espadrille sneakers for the ultimate summer look, but Mexx is also the right place for basic black and white sneakers!


Shop Mexx women’s sneakers online

Shop the Mexx women’s sneakers collection online now, in the official Mexx web store. Delivery is free for orders over €75. Any doubts about the size? Check our size table in the product description, or contact our customer support.