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  1. Mexx Water Bottle
    Mexx Water Bottle
  2. Wind Jacket Sand Metallic
    Wind Jacket Sand Metallic
    €129.99 €90.99
  3. Mexx T-shirt Black Printed
    T-shirt Black Printed
    €29.99 €23.99
  4. Turtle Neck Knitted Black
    Turtle Neck Knitted Black
    €49.99 €39.99
  5. Mexx Pullover Knitted Black
    Pullover Knitted Black
  6. Mexx T-shirt V-neck Mid Pink
    T-shirt V-neck Mid Pink
    €24.99 €22.49
  7. Mexx Sweaterdress Zipper Black
    Sweaterdress Zipper Black
    €89.99 €71.99
  8. Mexx Sweater Oversized Zipper Black
    Sweater Oversized Zipper Black
    €79.99 €55.99
  9. Mexx Bomberjacket Cognac XX
    Bomberjacket Cognac XX
    €119.99 €107.99
  10. Mexx legging purple
    Pants Rib Wide Leg Dark Purple
    €69.99 €48.99
  11. Mexx Women Rib top Black
    Rib top Black
    €34.99 €27.99
  12. Mexx Women T-shirt Turtle Neck White
    T-shirt Turtle Neck White
    €34.99 €31.49
  13. Mexx Sweater LS Grey Melee
    Sweater LS Grey Melee
    €39.99 €35.99
  14. Mexx Sweater cowl neck LS Grey Melee
    Sweater cowl neck LS Grey Melee
    €49.99 €44.99
  15. Mexx Knitted Sweatpants Grey Melee
    Knitted Sweatpants Grey Melee
    €39.99 €35.99
  16. Mexx Oversized sweater Dark Purple
    Oversized sweater Dark Purple
    €69.99 €48.99
  17. Mexx Oversized sweatshirt Black
    Oversized sweatshirt Black
    €59.99 €41.99
  18. Mexx black sweatpants
    Sweat Balloon Pants Black
    €59.99 €47.99
  19. Mexx black sport pants lounge pants
    Sweatpants Knitted Black
    €39.99 €35.99
  20. Mexx legging high waist M printed
    Legging Printed Dark Purple
    €39.99 €35.99
  21. Mexx Legging High Waist Black
    Legging High Waist Black
    €34.99 €31.49
  22. Mexx t shirt white printed
    T-shirt White Printed
    €24.99 €19.99
  23. Mexx sweater sand
    Sweater Oversized Sand
    €69.99 €48.99
  24. mexx hoodie oversized grey melee
    Hoodie Oversized Grey Melee
    €49.99 €39.99
  25. Mexx T-shirt V-Neck Offwhite
    T-shirt V-Neck Offwhite
    €24.99 €19.99
  26. mexx sweater purple
    Sweater Oversized Dark Purple
    €59.99 €41.99

Items 1-26 of 34

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Mexx loungewear for women

A wonderful relaxing day at home. We all know it. Doing the laundry, clean up the house and then lie on the couch with your favorite binge-watch series or an exciting book. Or are you looking for relaxation by following online yoga class? But more importantly, how do you spend such a relaxing day in style? Fortunately, the Mexx designers came up with the loungewear collection. This collection contains items that are wonderfully soft and comfortable. In the collection you will find sweaters, hoodies, jogging pants and also T-shirts in many colors. Perfect for putting together your favorite home suit!

Shop your loungewear items online

You can easily shop the loungewear items online in our official webshop. Have your order sent to your address free of charge with an order above € 50. For questions about the items from the loungewear collection or other questions, you can always contact our customer service.