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  1. Mexx Espadrille Sandal Gyldan Sand
    Espadrille Sandal Gyldan Sand
    €89.95 €80.96
  2. Mexx Heeled Sandal Geonna Beige
    Heeled Sandal Geonna Beige
  3. Mexx Espadrille Sandal Gyldan Cognac
    Espadrille Sandal Gyldan Cognac
    €89.95 €80.96
  4. Mexx Heeled Sandal Gypsy Brown
    Heeled Sandal Gypsy Brown
    €89.95 €62.97
  5. Heeled Sandal Gianella Brown
    Heeled Sandal Gianella Brown
    €79.95 €71.96
  6. Mexx Heeled Sandal Gail Brown
    Heeled Sandal Gail Brown
    €69.95 €62.96
  7. Mexx Heeled Sandal Galina Black
    Heeled Sandal Galina Black
    €89.95 €71.96
  8. Mexx Heeled Sandal Geonna Black
    Heeled Sandal Geonna Black
    €89.95 €80.96
  9. Mexx Heeled Sandal Gianella Black
    Heeled Sandal Gianella Black
    €79.95 €55.97
  10. Mexx Sandal Ena Black
    Sandal Ena Black
    €79.95 €71.96
  11. Mexx Espadrille Sandal Gyldan Yellow
    Espadrille Sandal Gyldan Yellow
    €89.95 €44.98
  12. Mexx Womens Heeled Sandal
    Sandal Gracie Sand
    €49.95 €39.96
  13. Mexx Womens Heeled Sandal
    Sandal Gracie Black
    €49.95 €39.96
  14. Heeled Sandal Gypsy Black
    Heeled Sandal Gypsy Black
    €89.95 €62.97

14 Items

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Mexx heeled sandals

This spring and summer, high heel sandals are an essential in the Mexx collection. We offer a wide range of heeled sandals in various colours and materials. The animal print is a must, we also see many woven materials out on the street. Also, the collection includes the favourite high heel sandals with suede straps. Looking for a pair of summer shoes without a heel? Then also check out our sandals.


Shop your Mexx heeled sandals online

You can order your Mexx high heeled sandals for women easily and safely online at the official online shop. You can have your package sent to your address or to a DHL service point. For further questions or advice you can always contact our customer service.