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  1. Sandal Mierel Black
    Sandal Mierel Black
  2. Mexx women Sandal Jacky Lilac
    Sandal Jacky Lilac
    €69.95 €34.98
  3. Mexx Sandal Jools Light Blue
    Sandal Jools Light Blue
  4. Mexx Sandal Jools Nude
    Sandal Jools Nude
  5. Mexx Women Sandal Janita Cognac
    Sandal Janita Cognac
    €69.95 €48.97
  6. Sandal Jamie Black
    Sandal Jamie Black
  7. Mexx women Sandal Jacky Mint
    Sandal Jacky Mint
    €69.95 €48.97
  8. Mexx Women Sandal Julie Black
    Sandal Julie Black
  9. Mexx women Sandal Jacky Black
    Sandal Jacky Black
    €69.95 €48.97
  10. Mexx women Sandal Jeva Black
    Sandal Jeva Black
    €69.95 €48.97
  11. Mexx women Sandal Julia Black
    Sandal Julia Black
  12. Mexx Sandal Joann Sand
    Sandal Joann Sand
    €79.95 €55.97
  13. Mexx Sandal Julia Off White
    Sandal Julia Off White
    €59.95 €41.97
  14. Mexx Sandal Julia Lilac
    Sandal Julia Lilac
    €59.95 €29.98
  15. Sandal Jacky Sand
    Sandal Jacky Sand
    €69.95 €48.97
  16. Sandal Justine Cognac
    Sandal Justine Cognac
    €59.95 €47.96
  17. Sandal Justine Gold
    Sandal Justine Gold
  18. Mexx Sandal Jalara Lt Blue
    Sandal Jalara Light Blue
    €79.95 €63.96
  19. Mexx Sandal Jalara Black
    Sandal Jalara Black
    €79.95 €55.97
  20. Mexx Sandal Jalara Off White
    Sandal Jalara Off White
  21. Mexx Sandal Jillian Cognac
    Sandal Jillian Cognac
    €69.95 €48.97
  22. Mexx Sandal Jeva Cognac
    Sandal Jeva Cognac
    €69.95 €48.97
  23. Mexx Sandal Jolene Gold
    Sandal Jolene Gold
  24. Mexx Sandal Julie Off White
    Sandal Julie Off White
    €79.95 €39.98
  25. Mexx Sandal Josh Off White
    Sandal Josh Off White
    €89.95 €44.98
  26. Sandal Jillian Black
    Sandal Jillian Black
    €69.95 €34.98

Items 1-26 of 52

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Mexx sandals for ladies

Meet the Mexx sandals from the summer collection. A sandal is a real essential for your summer wardrobe. In the collection you will find several sandals with playful straps in different combinations of colors, prints and materials. Wear a sandal with braided straps under breezy summer pants or a maxi dress. Make your summer outfit more casual with a comfortable sandal with a striking thicker sole under your jeans. The all-time favorite leather look sandal can of course not be missed this spring. We also have a sandal with a pleated effect on the strap. Are you looking for even more elegant summer shoes? Then also check out our sandals.

Shop Mexx sandals for women online

Order your Mexx sandals quickly and easily online. Shipping is free for orders over €50. If you still have questions about the size or fit, you can always contact our customer service. We are happy to help you! XX